(NutraSweet, Equal, etc)

By James Bowen, M.D.
(c) 2003

Cardiomyopathy from toxic and auto immune causes has long been appreciated. Cardiomyopathy is often an accompanying feature of rheumatic fever, for example.

Since Aspartame is indeed a toxic, mitochondrial, and auto immune killer we could expect no less! The heart is especially targeted in alcohol poisonings of all kinds, but is not especially the focus of attention in most cases because the liver and nervous system symptoms usually get more attention. I.e.: Steato Hepatitis, "anti mitochondrial antibody hepatitis", cirrhosis, etc. as well as the neurodegenerative diseases. The heart failure of alcohol drinkers was well known before the advent of Aspartame. I had a personal friend who died of it.

Since the intact Aspartame molecule is an alcohol poison about twenty thousand times as toxic as most beverage alcohols, and since most of the damage from beverage alcohol comes from its methanol content, Aspartame, which has the methanol-formaldehyde-formic acid toxic axis as one of its highly aggravated toxic components, could very predictably cause extreme damage of all organs of the body. Indeed the FDA recognized ONLY 92 Aspartame related problems before it refused to count any further!

Since this Methanol- damage is related to subsequent metabolism which increases the severity of poisoning, and DNA and tissue damage at each step of the axis, it would be expected that those organs which are highly metabolic would be greatly effected, and that indeed is just the case. The Heart, for example, never really gets to rest, just between beats. The cardiac conduction system never rests, if it does, or if it gets out of control, you are dead! SUDDENLY! The auto immune attack is similarly focused in areas of metabolic activity. So the heart is a certain target for the Aspartame damage. I personally went into such a toxic cardiomyopathy after just two days of using the lo-cal Kool Aid, that I went from being a two mile per day swimmer to being so cardio decompensated, I had to stop and catch my breath just to climb one flight of stairs to my apartment.

Aspartame was at that very moment killing workers in Searle's first Aspartame plant in Phoenix. Even though you are supposed to ingest it by FDA mandate, Aspartame manufacturing plants around the world now protect their employees with face masks and full body protective garments lest their employees come into any contact with the dust! This all started with the death of an employee named Krossic who first passed out from the inhaled dust's toxic effects. His death occurred even after all were made to wear face masks so they couldn't breathe the dust. He absorbed enough through the skin that he died from a toxic cardiomyopathy. The post mortem exam revealed an "alcoholic cardiomyopathy". Jim Krossic was a teetotaler who used NO beverage alcohol!

The mitochondria are the sub cellular structures which are literally the energy furnaces of the cell, so they get a huge amount of damage from Aspartame, and from creatine likewise. The heart muscle, as I have mentioned in previous articles, (See Dorway) have enormous concentrations of mitochondria: on the order of twenty to one hundred thousand per cell. The cardiac conduction system, even more! Little wonder Athletes who use Aspartame are suddenly dropping dead. Even more so if they use both creatine and Aspartame! Sudden death has now become the leading cause of death in the US! Mitochondrial DNA, (MtDNA), in addition to being where the toxins are generated in great concentration, lacks the protective and repair mechanisms of nuclear DNA, so the mitochondrial DNA is horribly damaged. Just six weeks of using the lo-Cal Kool Aid completely grayed me from having a full head of dark reddish brown hair when I started using the Kool Aid! It was only since 1983 when Aspartame was fully marketed for soft drinks that any full line of hair dyes aimed at the male user were brought to market! I know. I went searching, and there were none at first. MtDNA damage is of itself, so prone to produce cardiomyopathy, that cardiomyopathy is one of many congenital "Mitochondrial DNA Diseases" which the mother can pass on to her offspring from herself having MtDNA that is damaged, such as from having previously consumed Aspartame.

The Maternal transmission of damaged MtDNA can occur for the rest of a woman's reproductive years, and may directly affect both her children and grand children, as well as becoming a persistently transmitted genetic problem. The mother therefore, does not necessarily have to have been drinking Aspartame, when she got pregnant, nor while carrying the baby. Since the female is born with all the eggs she will ever have already present in her ovaries, it may well likely be the Nutra Sweet her mother drank which is the source of her offspring's problems.

This is not to suggest that Aspartame ingested by the mother before and during conception and pregnancy is not horribly damaging to the fetus. It indeed is, and such Aspartame use is HIGHLY damaging to the fetus, causing fetal loss, deformity, fetal alcohol syndrome, and many other horrible problems. Now that Aspartame has been openly and extensively marketed for twenty plus years, children and athletes may be suffering from the Aspartame foisted upon their mothers and even grandmothers! Yes, a given athlete may never have used Aspartame, but may be dying from an Aspartame MtDNA cardiomyopathy inherited from his maternal line. Athletes who do use Aspartame, or worse yet, both Aspartame and creatine are, of course at great risk, even if they inherited no such problems from their maternal ancestors. Male Ancestors do not transmit MtDNA diseases because the sperm has only a few mitochondria, and will unlikely be the winner in the race to find and fertilize the egg if any mitochondria are damaged. Moreover the egg accepts only the head of the sperm. The mid body which contains the sperm mitochondria serves only to provide the energy and motility to get the head of the sperm to the egg and through its wall. In addition, if any mitochondria from the sperm do get into the fertilized egg, that condition results in the death of the egg.

It would therefore be fair to say that children are two-thirds the genetic result of their mother's DNA! All the more reason that females especially, should be protected from any use of Aspartame! That goes for creatine too! My articles such as "Sperm Warfare", "Punditries and Palsies", "Aspartame murders infants", "Billions of Victims", etc. go into greater and wider detail on many of these topics. They are available at may have a wider selection of mine and other authors' articles on related topics.


Dr. Jim Bowen