By Dr. Bradley Carey

Posted: 30 May 2004

This was sent as an e-mail to Mr. Jansen ( ) on 13 May 2004. As of yet I have received no reply whatsoever from him or anyone else regarding this article.

Dear Mr. Jansen:

In regards to your recent article entitled, "Collins: No more paying tuition at diploma mills," located at:

What is being said is very obviously one-sided. There is NO law in the United States that says a school must be associated or even accredited with an accrediting agency "recognized" by the US Department of Education. Your article seems to indicate that any school which is not part of their corrupt and outdated system is a diploma mill. This is NOT the case. There are several very good and legitimate schools that are not associated with the DOE, and chose to do so for various reasons. Yes there are some bad schools out there, but ones that are legally operating under the law should not and must not be lumped together with those that are operating illegally. This is just another attempt by those in control of the educational system of this country to discredit those schools that do not go along with their demands and control measures. In fact, many people are not even aware of the real reason that much of this is going on. Much of what the US Department of Education is doing even contradicts their own literature. Here is a link to an article I wrote some time ago. Feel free to check out the materials that I quote from and verify the validity of what I say in it for yourself. I believe that after doing that you will get a better idea as to what is going on and the real reason for the wanting to control education at all levels in this country. The article is entitled, "The Accreditation Deception." You will find it at:

Another of my articles even tells people what to look for in verifying if a school is legally operating. It is entitled, "Scam Schools and Diploma Mills," and may be found at:


Dr. Bradley Carey
World Natural Health Organization