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26 Aug 2016 - Safety Of Aspartame-Sweetened Carbonated Soft Drinks Not Guaranteed Because Of Improper Storage [Aspartame breaks down at 86 degrees or moderate temperature. Your temperature is 98.6. All you have to do is swallow it. The Trocho Study shows the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA: The methyl alcohol issue which is a severe metabolic poison is discussed in detail in the incredible book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte, http:// Read the protest of the National Soft Drink Assn (now American Beverage) that is in the congressional record. Everything about this chemical poison is a matter of public record: - Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum.]

25 Aug 2016 - Research Report Explores The Europe Aspartame Industry

16 Aug 2016 - Artificial Sweeteners Make Your Brain Think You're Fasting, Researchers Say

21 Apr 2016 - Artificial Sweeteners Worsen Obesity Epidemic

11 Apr 2016 - Can Diet Soda Make You Fat? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2016 - Department of Pathology-Toxicology (Division of Research and Development} - Searle Laboratories - SC-19192 115 Week Oral Tumorigenicity Study In The Rat – Volume 1 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

07 Apr 2016 - Department of Health, Education, And Welfare – Public Health Service – Food and Drug Administration – September 11, 1978 - Memorandum Pertaining To Aspartame [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

05 Apr 2016 - SPECIAL REPORT: Soft Drinks Sweeteners – New Opportunities, New Challenges

05 Apr 2016 - Soda Blocks Brain Repair

30 Mar 2016 - Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Mar 2016 - Cancer Scientists: Give Up This Artificial Sweetener Now

24 Mar 2016 - Companies Are Working Hard To Get You Addicted To Milk ... And They're Using Aspartame To Do It

24 Mar 2016 - Iatrogenesis, E. Coli, Scopes & Aspartame #2

24 Mar 2016 - Medical Scope Risk Far Worse Than Admitted

24 Mar 2016 - This Sweetener Keeps Running Studies Trying To Disprove Link To Cancer

21 Mar 2016 - Aspartame: Links To Birth Defects And Autism

18 Mar 2016 - 5 Serious Health Risks Of Drinking Diet Soda

15 Mar 2016 - Companies Are Working Hard To Get You Addicted To Milk ... And They're Using Aspartame To Do It

08 Mar 2016 - FDA Writes They Are Fundamentally Broken, (Letter Authenticated And More)

19 Feb 2016 – The Dangers Of Hidden Aspartame In Chewing Gum

16 Feb 2016 - Diane Fleming's Last Hearing Husband Died From Chemical Reaction Creatine / Aspartame?

16 Feb 2016 - About Splenda, And Your Article In Deseret News

16 Feb 2016 - How Aspartame Effects The Brain

16 Feb 2016 - New Study Links Aspartame To Metabolic Disease & Digestive Tract Abnormalities

15 Feb 2016 - Coke Has a pH Rating One Point Higher Than Battery Acid! Here Are 9 Industrial Uses For Coke

11 Feb 2016 - Iatrogenesis, E. coli, Scopes & Aspartame

11 Feb 2016 - Splenda: Insecticide Turned Sweetener? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2016 - International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health - Sucralose Administered In Feed, Beginning Prenatally Through Lifespan, Induces Hematopoietic Neoplasias In Male Swiss Mice – By: Soffritti M., Padovani M., Tibaldi E., Falcioni L., Manservisi F., Lauriola M., Bua L., Manservigi M. & Belpoggi F. - 29 Jan 2016 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Feb 2016 - Sucralose/Splenda Information

09 Feb 2016 - CSPI Downgrades Sucralose From Caution To Avoid

09 Feb 2016 - Diet Coke’s New Smoke And Mirrors Campaign

05 Feb 2016 - How To Get GMOs Out Of Your Diet: The Top 10 Offenders [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Jan 2016 - Coca-Cola-Funded Study Claims Diet Soda May Be Healthier Than Water?? LOL [Typical GARBAGE! They pay to have a report made saying their own product is safe! Just another attempt to make their POISON appear to be safe and harmless! – Dr. B. Carey]

26 Jan 2016 - Red Bull - Girl Died From A Fatal Heart Attack While On Vacation After She Drank This Popular Drink

25 Jan 2016 - Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics (Preclinical Study)

19 Jan 2016 - 5 Aspartame Myths & Truths You Should Know [What a load of rubbish! This is an attempt to discredit REAL research showing how deadly this poison really is. It is an attempt to push this disinformation on uninformed individuals. Activists and victims please leave a comment below on their page concerning this whole article of nothing but lies! – Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum. and Dr. B. Carey]

14 Jan 2016 - Panera Bread’s Soups Now Free Of Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Sweeteners

13 Jan 2016 - Pepsi Finally Removed Aspartame From Its Diet Drinks…And Replaced It With 2 More Cancer Causing Chemicals

13 Jan 2016 - Aspartame And Shame

11 Jan 2016 - The Dangers Of Aspartame [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Jan 2016 - Splenda: Insecticide Turned Sweetener? [Has an embedded video on the web page

11 Jan 2016 - How Toxic Is Sugar? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Jan 2016 - Reasons To Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

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