By James Bowen, M.D.

Posted: 27 May 2005

Aspartame in chewing gum is absorbed directly though the buccal mucosa of the tongue, mouth, and gums, making it a far worse poisoning than even if it were given intravenously. The nerves serving this area and their vascular supply derive directly from the brain, so the Aspartame absorbed through them goes directly into the brain, by passing the spinal cord and blood brain barrier.

The intact Aspartame molecule and its diketopiperazine form are vastly worse poisonings than any of the other poisonings which arise from it during digestion, and liver processing of the digestive blood, which is delivered directly to the liver via the portal vein. The other poisonings, as mentioned, are indeed horrendous but Aspartame from gum is far worse, making even the smaller amounts contained in chewing gum strikingly dangerous and damaging. This is doubtless why Wrigley placed it in all their products!

Aspartame, via ingestion into the digestive tract, is made into some ten other poisonings by the digestive processes, and then excepting that which is delivered directly to the pancreas, they are transported straight to the liver via the portal vein, where they then are very partially dealt with, and partially reprocessed. Afterwards, they are sent in somewhat lesser concentration to the entire body, lessening the amount which eventually goes to the brain. The amount getting to the brain from either source is devastating to it in many ways. Aspartame is most certainly devastatingly toxic when ingested, but a like amount is immensely worse when obtained from chewing gum.

When the CBS Evening News crew visited my Ridgefield Washington clinic, mid January of 1984, and Dan rather forbade them to make a program of what they learned there, one of them reported that she got a roaring headache if she chewed even a half stick of Aspartame gum! This devastation of the human brain is the primary reason why this brain washing agent, designed to keep us from questioning or objecting to what they are doing to our country and our world, is being slipped into us in spite of its horribly failing the toxicity studies, which revealed it to be a very strong carcinogen, indeed the number one brain carcinogen ever discovered by science! (The US brain cancer rate jumped 10% the first six months after Aspartame was added to diet pop!) Three cans of pop per day for only sixty days also caused an immediate 250% increase in visible human illness! Right up front!