By James Bowen, M.D.

Posted: 26 February 2005

Aspartame is the # 1 known cause of brain tumors, ever recognized in science! In the Wistar rat, the appropriate rat strain to test for brain tumorigenicity studies, a dose of Aspartame only equivalent to three cans of pop per day, scaled down to the weight of the animals, and given for only sixty days caused the highest incidence of brain tumors, that any chemical ever tested in that strain of rat, ever caused.

FDA rules, and the Laws governing the Agency, require that every chemical licensed for use as a human food additive be tested at "one hundred times the maximum human consumption," so the Aspartame dose used was only somewhat less than 5% of the required dosage level. The law also requires rats to be given the chemical at that mandated dose for two years, so the sixty-day time period of administering Aspartame was totally inadequate, as was the dosage. Even though administered at less than 5% the requisite dosage, and for only 8% the time lawfully specified, Aspartame produced more brain tumors than any chemical ever tested at any dose, ever caused!

This brain tumor finding alone, forever outlaws Aspartame as an ingredient in any human food! Since science would never be able to set that shocking rat brain tumor finding aside, Rumsfeld handled the licensing of Aspartame as merely a "political matter," which he then conducted with ruthless organized crime techniques!

Being fully aware of all this, the American Soft Drink Bottling Association boycotted Aspartame for a year and a half after its Rumsfeld engendered phony approval. In their denial letter to the manufacturer, they used the words: "The brain tumor issue has never been resolved." Dr Martini has a copy of the denial letter posted on for your review. Yes, no FDA committee ever approved Aspartame for licensure, and it strikingly failed many of the required toxicity tests, all of which it was required to pass in order to even possibly qualify for approval! The results of the infant monkey studies, and human toxicity tests were similarly striking failures of all safety standards. No surprise then, that the US brain tumor incidence jumped 10% in the first six months after Aspartame was eventually added to diet soft drinks!

Rumsfeld, who very publicly, personally bragged about his getting Aspartame approved, ruthlessly used organized crime techniques to railroad Aspartame down the throats of the American public! Reagan appointed Dr Arthur Hayes as head of the FDA. Hayes previously, had already been found guilty of giving high dose brain damaging agents to US military recruits without their knowledge or consent, leaving many of them permanently brain damaged and pensioned out all around our country! Hayes got himself, and the US Government quite successfully sued thereby! Why was the entire US Media at the time, kept silent about all this well-known malfeasance?

Hayes was then entrapped and blackmailed! The records reveal that within a few days of having felony charges lodged against him, Hayes approved Aspartame for human consumption, even after his prior refusal to license it! The felony charges against Hayes were then abruptly dropped, just a few days after his approval of Aspartame for human consumption. He went on to become the first publicist/pundit in the history of mankind who will not say a single word to justify the chemical he was blackmailed into licensing for human consumption!


James D. Bowen, M.D.