By Dr. Bradley Carey

Posted: 30 October 2004

NOTE: Interesting how these organizations don't make their contact information readily available or easy to find.

To: American Medical Association
Email: administration@ama-assn.org, webmaster@ama-assn.org, director@ama-assn.org, commissioner@ama-assn.org, information@ama-assn.org

CC: Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D. - Director, National Institutes of Health
Email: director@nih.gov

Date: 30 October 2004

Dear American Medical Association:

I am writing in regards to H-440.970 Religious Exemptions from Immunizations, which is found on your web site at:

http://www.ama-assn.org/apps/pf_new/pf_online?f_n=resultLink&doc=policyfiles/HnE/H-440.970.HTM&s_t=H-440.970&catg=AMA/HnE&catg=AMA/BnGnC&catg=AM A/DIR&&nth=1&&st_p=0&nth=1

And reads as follows:

"Since religious/philosophic exemptions from immunizations endanger not only the health of the unvaccinated individual, but also the health of those in his or her group and the community at large, the AMA (1) encourages state medical associations to seek removal of such exemptions in statutes requiring mandatory immunizations; (2) encourages physicians and state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to inform religious groups and others who object to immunizations of the benefits of vaccinations and the risk to their own health and that of the general public if they refuse to accept them; and (3) encourages state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to develop contingency plans for controlling outbreaks in exempt populations and to intensify efforts to achieve high immunization rates in communities where groups having religious exemptions from immunizations reside. (CSA Rep. B, A-87; Reaffirmed: Sunset Report, I-97)"

I see this as nothing more than an attempt to create fear and panic to force others to submit to your control and as an attack on those who believe in God and His ordinances and on those religious and civil freedoms guaranteed to all American citizens under the Constitution of the United States.

As the president of the World Natural Health Organization, and an ordained Christian minister of God's Holy Gospel, and as a citizen of the United States of America, I demand to know where is the MEDICAL evidence that suggests small groups - whether for religious reasons or not - that don't receive regular immunizations have caused severe health problems or outbreaks in ANY situation? I demand that you make this information public for the world to see by posting it on your web site and giving free access to it to all of your visitors. If you have no MEDICAL evidence supporting your accusations, then what is the real reason behind your attack on individuals who believe in God and upon their constitutionally guaranteed rights?

I anxiously await your answer.

Dr. Bradley Carey
World Natural Health Organization
Web Site: http://www.wnho.net